The Rise Of Techno Toys And Gifts

The market for technology-based gifts for the ‘big boys’ market continues to grow.

As Christmas 2018 has just passed, retailers re-stock their shelves in the hope of a bumper 2019 toy season. Parents try their level best to appease their kids at great expense but the days of the train set and dollhouses as the most desired gift is over and the pressure and financial strain on parents increases. The increasing trend towards technology-based toys means increasingly sophisticated products at increasingly higher prices.

This year’s most wanted toys will reflect a continuing trend with an emphasis on interactive tech toys,  moving away from traditional toys and gifts. A case in point, so far this year’s most sought-after gift is the Robosapien V2, a walking, talking humanoid, the Robosapien V2 threatens not only the place of traditional toys but the traditional household pet as well. The Robosapien V2 is just the latest in a long line of recent products which mark a big change in the type of gifts and toys that we shop for.

The market for techno toys is booming – perhaps a result of a two-tier market where toys and gifts are marketed to ‘big boys’ as well as to kids. The techno-based lifestyle where we are surrounded by plasma screen TVs, the latest audio equipment and game consoles is upon us and could be at the heart of this paradigm shift. This is, of course, felt more acutely online than anywhere, where retail sites providing secondary products around this market. 


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